BAKON Long life lead free soldering iron tip, welding tip 900M series soldering tip

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1.Using refined copper as the main ingredient, heat conduction performance excellence;
2.Special iron plating process, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, long life;
3.Strong invasive, ductility, easy on the tin, solder joint movements;
4.Low scientific and rigorous chemical inspection, inductance is balanced, stable quality;
5.Lead-free materials, lead-free manufacturing environment, ensure compliance with required lead-free process.


* Various welding head made by the high quality material and exquisite processing technology, and ensure its superior corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and good thermal conductivity; The attention of the appropriate welding head cleaning and maintenance, not only can enhance the service life of the welding head, also can put the excellent heat transfer performance of welding head completely.

*When welding head needs to be replaced, please select BAKON (white light) original welding head and confirm the welding head model; If you use the original welding head or model does not match the welding head, will affect the soldering iron original performance and damage the heating elements and circuit boards and other components. Suitable for BK936/936D/937/938/942A




Exterior Diameter:6.5mm

Inner Diameter:4mm

It is made of only the highest quality materials in order to insure long life, quick and even heating, and reliability.  




Long life lead free soldering iron tip, ceramic welding tip 900M series soldering tips


Pure copper lead free 900M iron tips Adopt international OFC, tempreture rise and down quickly Advanced processing technology






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