Double digital air pump type two-in-one comprehensive maintenance station

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Product Description 

1, using the latest microcomputer processor PID program control technology, accurate digital display of air gun and soldering iron temperature. The power is large, the temperature rises rapidly, and it is not affected by the air volume, realizing true lead-free desoldering. The program tracks the actual temperature of the air gun and the soldering iron at a high speed in milliseconds. The magical temperature compensation speed further enhances the temperature stability, the temperature steady-state error is small, the temperature compensation is fast, and it can adapt to various harsh environments.
2. The air gun type adopts unique safety protection. The boot automatically detects whether the handle is in the handle frame to prevent the safety hazard caused by the falling of the handle. All parts of the machine are also equipped with comprehensive self-detection function, full intelligent over-temperature, short circuit, open circuit, overload and other fault display and protection functions.
3, according to the market needs of different regions, the product has a Fahrenheit / Celsius temperature accurate display conversion, you can choose the display method according to personal habits.
4. The internal use of SAMSUNG core microcomputer processor, few peripheral components, plus the latest SMT process manufacturing, the signal flow of the whole machine is clear and clear, the machine stability and safety performance are further improved.
5, according to different needs and requirements of the soldering iron, you can customize the domestic high-quality heating core handle and high-power imported core handle two handles!



Model  SBK701D
Power consumption ≤700W
Working environment 0-40°C
Storage environment -20°C~80°C
Storage humidity 35%-45%
Air gun section
Airflow type Air pump spiral wind
Wind flow ≤28L/min 
temperature range 100 ° C ~ 500 ° C
Temperature stability ±5°C
Display form LED digital tube
Handle length ≥90cm
Electric soldering iron part
Temperature range 100°C~500°C
Temperature stability ±2°C
Tip to ground voltage <2mV
Tip to ground resistance <2ohm
Display form LED digital tube
Handle length ≥100cm


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