Varied RD series universal DC power supply RD-1KW

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product description

    The RD series digital DC power supply is controlled by high-efficiency chip and adopts IGBT module adjustment mode. It is characterized by high efficiency, high precision and high stability. It is equipped with various auxiliary functions to make it more convenient and reliable for users. It is mainly used in research institutes, laboratories, and electronic production lines where high-efficiency power testing is required.


Performance characteristics:

1, standard RS232 and RS485 communication interface

2, using 19-inch standardized size, can be combined in a variety of work surfaces and racks;

3, output indication: high-precision voltage, current, power display, 4-digit LCD display;

4, voltage and current preset: comes with panel preset button, you can preset the voltage and current values;

5, the output switch function: can turn off and turn on the power output without turning off the power;

6. Constant voltage constant current: The output constant voltage constant current is automatically switched, and the voltage and current values are continuously linearly adjusted;

7. Protection function: overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection and overtemperature protection;

8. External sampling: This machine can be equipped with external compensation to reduce the voltage drop caused by the long output circuit; (optional)

9, optional external control function: optional input analog analog signal control power output (DC0-5V signal) (optional);

10. Optional remote display: optional mode output quasi-signal display power status (DC0-5V signal) (optional);


model RD-V3020 RD-V6010 RD-V1006 RD-V2003 RD-V3002
DC output Voltage 0-30V 0-60V 0-100V 0-200V 0-300V
Current 0-20A 0-10A 0-6A 0-3A 0-2A
model RD-V3030 RD-V5020 RD-V10010 RD-V2005 RD-V3003
DC output Voltage 0-30V 0-50V 0-100V 0-200V 0-300V
Current 0-30A 0-20A 0-10A 0-5A 0-3A
AC input Single phase 220V ± 10%
Output display LCD display accuracy ±1%+1 words

Display format 00.00V-99.99V; 000.0V-999.9V; 0000V-9999V; 0.000V-9.999V

Output ripple Regulated state: ≤0.3%+10mV (rms)
Regulated state: ≤0.5%+10mV (rms)
Voltage setting and preset Rotary encoder
Current setting and preset Rotary encoder
Panel function Panel lock function
Interface function Standard RS232/RS485 interface
Protective function Set OV/OI protection
Temperature protection Built-in 0.T.P protection, protection value is 85 °C ± 5% (heat sink temperature), turn off the output after protection
Output polarity The output positive (+) and negative (-) can be grounded arbitrarily
Heat dissipation method Forced air cooling
Operating environment Indoor use design, temperature: 0 ° C ~ 40 ° C; humidity: 10% ~ 85% RH
Size and weight 210*88*352mm (W*H*D), around 7kg


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