Varied RA-6~9KW series High precision output programmable DC regulated power supply For laboratory testing / research units

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RA-6~9KW series

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product description

The RA series is a programmable DC regulated power supply with high precision output. It can be connected to a computer (PC) through the communication interface (RS-232/RS-485/network port) to meet the user's automatic test and automatic control. Aspect of the demand. This product has excellent accuracy, high precision and high stability. Data input is controlled by keyboard, knob and shortcut keys, which is fast, accurate and convenient. Can be widely used in electronic product development testing, laboratory testing and research units.


Performance characteristics:


1, the LCD screen display, can fully display the status of the power supply

2, digital buttons and encoders two ways to adjust the output

3, standard RS232/RS485/ network port communication

4, programmable cycle mode

5, programmable slope curve

6, real-time waveform display (voltage, current, power, time)

7, clock display, timed events

8, can be customized PV mode, line resistance function and other personalized customization features.

9, temperature control fan


Can be customized according to customer needs, more can consult related sales engineers.


product model

Model RA-V20300 RA-V30200 RA-V30250 RA-V50120 RA-V60100 RA-V20030
DC output Voltage 0-20V 0-30V 0-30V 0-50V 0-60V 0-200V
Current 0-300A 0-200A 0-250A 0-120A 0-100A 0-30A
Model RA-V30020 RA-V60010 RA-V10005 RA-V60150 RA-V90100


DC output Voltage 0-300V 0-600V 0-1000V 0-60V 0-90V 0-150V
Current 0-20A 0-10A 0-5A 0-150A 0-100A 0-60A
AC input Single phase 220V ± 10% below 7.5KW
7.5KW or more three-phase 380V±10%
Output display LCD + digital button Four and a half digit display, accuracy ± 0.5% FS + 3 words
Display format :00.000V-19.999V 000.00V-199.99V 0000.0V-1999.9V; 00.000A-19.999A 000.00A-199.99A 0000.0A-1999.9A;
Output ripple Regulated state: ≤0.3%+10mV (rms)
Regulated state:≤0.5%+10mV (rms)
Voltage setting and preset Rotary encoder / button
Current setting and preset Rotary encoder / button
Setting/reading accuracy V±(0.5% of reading +5mV)(25±5°C); I±(0.5% of reading +10mA) (25±5°C)
Status Display Regulated CV, steady current CC, output OUT, overvoltage OV, over temperature OT, LOCK lock
Interface function Standard RS232/RS485/network interface, optional analog control interface
Short circuit protection Constant current output when short circuit protection
Overvoltage/overcurrent protection The protection value is adjustable from 0% to 110%. After protection, the output is turned off and the power is turned off to unlock.
Temperature protection Built-in 0.T.P protection, protection value is 85 °C ± 5% (heat sink temperature), turn off the output after protection
Output polarity The output positive (+) and negative (-) can be grounded arbitrarily
Heat dissipation method Forced air cooling
Operating environment Indoor use design, temperature: 0 ° C ~ 40 ° C; humidity: 10% ~ 85% RH
Size and weight 425*132*402mm (W*H*D), around 14kg
Special custom Dual output can be customized
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